Don’t Get Handicapped by Cookie Cutter Lenders

Don’t Get Handicapped by Cookie Cutter Lenders

Picking the right commercial real estate lender is like picking the right club. You wouldn’t use a Putter to Tee Off or a Sand Wedge to Putt (at least not normally).

Having a broad knowledge of all the players helps when placing a deal. Especially if it’s not a cookie cutter deal. A lot of lenders have guidelines that they can only fudge a few pixels outside of the margins where others are very flexible and creative. For example you might think you need a hard money loan to accomplish a reposition of a property but the terms make it basically impossible to pencil out and you feel stuck. Maybe a better option is a more reasonable rate and term combined with a Participation from the lender?

There are typically myriad ways to accomplish your financing goal so don’t get stuck in a rut of thinking you have only one or two bad options. If you have a scenario that you think should be financed but you keep hitting dead ends, contact Hall Jacobs for a fresh perspective.

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